Zimbabwe is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa. As more people in the country get access to the internet, the number of webpreneurs is rising. In this article, I look at 10 ways to make money online in Zimbabwe.

The internet is flooded with many ways to make money and some of them don’t apply in Zimbabwe.

This is because in some cases, the services used by companies to pay you are not supported in the country.

As a result, if you work online blindly, you risk wasting precious time. Yes, there are blackhat workarounds available but you incur extra charges in the process.

To paint the picture, if you are in Zimbabwe, the following payment methods are not available:

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Skrill (accounts were closed)

The list is not complete as there are more services that are unavailable in Zimbabwe. 

However, don’t despair because with the 10 ways to make money I have compiled and you can withdraw your earnings successfully.

Some of the popular methods used in the Zimbabwe to get paid are:

  • Bitcoin or Altcoin
  • Nostro Account
  • AirTM (becoming popular)
  • Gift Cards
  • Payoneer

He are the 10 ways to make money online in Zimbabwe

1. YouTube channel

make money online in zimbabwe

If you are not camera-shy and you are talented, YouTube is one way to start making money once you have sufficient followers and views.

A lot of individuals, for example Comic Pastor,  started small and today he has a huge following and is getting endorsements from big companies.

It’s not rocket science and you can start your channel today for free. 

YouTube is owned by Google and there is a YouTube Partner program that you join if you plan to monetize your channel.

Once you reach at least 1000 subscribers and your content has more than 4000 watch hours, you can start anticipating money to flow in.

It’s easier to grow your subscribers if you create quality content and you need to be consistent.

With a YouTube channel, you make money through these ways:

  • Payment via Google Adsense depending on number of views and subscribers
  • Sponsorship by other companies
  • Affiliate marketing
  • You can sell your own merchandise to your audience

2. Freelancing

In freelancing, you do specific tasks online and get paid.

There are platforms like Fivver that are available to make it easier to see potential job opportunities.

The amount you make depends on your level of expertise and a good work ethic.

That means in freelancing, it is important to build your reputation so that you get more referrals.

Some platforms are very selective so as a freelancer, you need to polish your portfolio first before applying.

Freelancing sites use an escrow system to protect both the client and freelancer.

An active helpdesk is available to address any issues.

This means if you submit half-done work, your payment is not released until you make the required corrections.

Your own website is important if you want to be a professional freelancer so that you easily showcase your portfolio to a wider audience.

Personally, I have freelanced as an articles writer before starting this website.

My big break was a deal I secured to create cornerstone posts for one website during its construction. (As a ghostwriter, I cannot disclose the name of the site).

Freelancing is not restricted to writing only. You can make serious cash if you have any of these skills because there are companies and individuals willing to pay you:

  • Graphic design
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Career advice and mentoring
  • Writing and editing
  • English proofreading
  • SEO
  • Video editing
  • Animation
  • App development
  • And more!

Get started as a freelancer by opening an account on Fivver and start completing job orders. Create A Fivver Account

3. Blogging

This is one of the old ways to make money and it still works! Blogging is not dead.

The secret behind blogging successfully is that you have to pick the right niche AND this niche needs to have an audience.

  • A niche is “a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service”, according to Oxford Dictionary.

Don’t blog about things that you have remote interest in, you lose steam very quickly and your blog won’t last 6 months.

When you want to create a professional blog, choose all the building blocks wisely. 

This is because as you expand, you don’t want to face technical challenges like a slow website, limited customization of your site and other backend challenges that face amateur bloggers.

I recommend that you create your site under one roof for easy management. 

This means everything from the domain and hosting should be from the same provider and this is how VPNAnchor is set up.

Use WordPress for your site and this is a content management system that powers more than 40% of all professional websites!

You get tonnes of free support online and a myriad of plugins to enhance your site.

All these resources are offered by DreamHost, the same hosting services that is used by VPNAnchor.

Once you have launched your blog, you have to attract the right audience through paid campaigns, social media marketing and other ways described here.

You monetize your content by displaying Ads, including affiliate links and selling products or services.

A blog runs 24/7 so if you have high traffic, it’s easy to earn money while you are asleep.

Get a domain and hosting for $2.59/month using the link below.Start A Blog Today

4. Online forex trading

The forex exchange market is the largest financial market in the world, with daily volumes averaging US$6.6 trillion dollars, according to a survey done in 2019.

The Gold Standard ended in 1971 and currencies are now floating, although they are still tied to the US dollar.

Forex traders make profit by using technical analysis and fundamental analysis to make market predictions.

If you want to be a forex trader online, you need to take a course and get the necessary mentorship.

Free resources like Babypips.com are there to provide the necessary foundation for a newbie forex trader.

As in any other trade, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Profits and losses are there but as long as your strategy has a statistical advantage, you make money in the long run.

The number one enemy of amatuer forex traders is psychology because for some, even a few losses is a lot to bear.

This leads to bad judgement and deviation from the original, profitable strategy.

Only trade using money that you are comfortable to lose.

If you want to venture into online forex trading in Zimbabwe, I recommend that you use Deriv trading platform.

The process of registration, funding and withdrawal of your profits from Deriv is straightforward and most Zimbabwean traders use Deriv.

You can create a free account using the link below and start practicing.Open A Forex Demo Account

5. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one easy way to start making money without worrying about inventory management.

All you need to do is direct customers to a product or service and if there is a sale, you earn a commission.

If you do it right, you have an opportunity to earn thousands of dollars per month.

To start this line of business, you first need to join an affiliate program that markets goods or services in your niche.

This means if you already have a blog, you can sell these affiliate products to your audience.

There are millions of affiliate programs out there and fortunately there are platforms where you find an aggregation of various affiliate programs.

Shareasale is one such platform and you can join it for free to access all the affiliate programs available.

Once you are accepted in an affiliate program, you are given product links, banners and other marketing material to use on your site or social media page.

When an interested customer buys the product via your link, you get paid. 

This means if you get a commission of $10 per referral, you only need 100 customers to get $1000 and it’s passive income.Join ShareASale

6. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is another business where you don’t worry about inventory management but you act as a middleman to fulfil an order.

Here’s how you do it…

Find a niche that is in high demand, e.g. cosmetic products, building materials, clothes, shoes and so on.

These products are found at very cheap prices in South Africa or Botswana but this also works for distant countries like China.

Create a business group on a social media platform, like WhatsApp or Facebook and advertise products in your niche.

Look for someone you trust and stays in the country where you order the goods ( a “runner’’) and agree on the amount you pay that runner for sourcing the merchandise.

Use money transfer services like Mukuru to pay the runner.

Also make sure there is an easy way to transport the goods back to you. A lot of transport services are now available to bring the orders to your city e.g. cross-border bus services.

The main idea of the business model is you don’t have to do the heavy-lifting so there’s no travelling back and forth on your part.

As for the price of your products, you need to be careful. Make sure you factor in:

  • Purchase price
  • Commission for the runner
  • Transport cost
  • Your profit

A bit basic accounting knowledge is needed to ensure smooth business continuity.

The more you sell, the lower the costs involved and if you are disciplined, you easily create a sustainable online business.

7. Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is here to stay, contrary to what skeptics believed back in 2011 when there was the first Bitcoin bubble.

Many online companies have now embraced Bitcoin as a payment method.

One way you can make money is by investing in cryptocurrencies.

The best way is to buy and hold your coins (slang: hodling) with the hope that the value rises in the future, where you sell them at a profit.

In 2021, projections show that the value of Bitcoin continues to rise so this is an opportunity to buy and hold.

The same applies with other cryptocurrencies, or altcoins. 

Make sure you learn more about this trade before buying any cryptocurrency because cybercriminals can target you.

That’s why I recommend that you use a VPN to hide your cryptocurrency transactions.

There have been reports of hackers raiding Bitcoin wallets and stealing bitcoins, so be extra cautious.

If you decide to buy bitcoins or altcoins, make sure your online privacy and security is covered by using one of these VPNs for Zimbabwe.

Get a secure, free Coinbase wallet and hold your precious cryptocurrencies using the link below.Get A Free Wallet

8. Paid to click sites

Paid to click sites are free to join.

Some Zimbabweans are getting paid daily to do simple tasks on the web and these include:

  • Viewing ads
  • Watching promotional videos
  • Installing mobile games
  • Entering recaptcha
  • Browsing websites

The returns are usually low but you actually get paid.

I don’t recommend these paid to click sites as a long-term strategy because it’s a lot of work for small returns.

Time, the most important resource you have, is better spent building a scalable business with high revenue.

If you are eager to try one of the paid-to-click site, check out these trusted sites:

9. Cashier on Deriv

Local online forex traders mostly use USD to run their trades on Deriv trading platform.

Ecocash, OneMoney, Telecash or Bond cannot be deposited on the platform.

However, with Deriv peer to peer service, this local currency can be exchanged for USD at prevailing rates.

You can be a cashier, facilitating these exchanges.

That way you help online forex traders in Zimbabwe fund their trading accounts or withdraw money from the platform.

To become a cashier you need to have a Deriv account and submit the necessary requirements for verification.Open A Deriv Account

Once your account is active you find the pending buy/sell orders under DP2P.

You make money by buying USD from sellers at a low rate then immediately sell to buyers at a high rate.

There is a strict escrow system so both buyers and sellers are protected by Deriv.

10. Sell a course or ebook online

Do you have something that you want to teach people?

If you do, you can create an online course or ebook and sell it online.

You make more money if you focus on a subject that is marketable to the world-wide audience.

Topics like “how to lose weight” “how to start a business” are evergreen and apply to all regions.

This is one way to earn passive income as long as your product is online.

Courses can be sold on platforms like Udemy, your blog or on social media.

If you have a social media group that you administer, you can create relevant teaching content to add value to your followers.

Visit Udemy, create a free account and see the various courses on sale to get inspired. 


These are the 10 ways to make money that work in Zimbabwe and if you decide to start a company, follow these steps to register it.

If you want to make your first buck online, I have given you the roadmap.

You don’t need to be an expert to start making money online. Ask for help if you are stuck so that you don’t take a longer route to get things done.

Procrastination only delays the inevitable because once you taste this online money, you don’t want to stop.

What do you plan to venture into? Leave a comment below and share the post with your friends or relatives so that they also make money.